Thursday, June 25, 2009

Government healthcare? No thank you!

So I was doing something last week that all of our elected leaders should be doing on a constant basis, for they are charged with its protection and that is read our constitution. Now maybe I missed it, or maybe its just because I'm a simple person who clings to his guns, but I did not read anywhere in that document where it states that it is the governments responsibility to provide heathcare to its citizens.

Last night our president tried his best to convince you and I that the government can actually accomplish this. Now anyone who has actually visited the dmv knows the fallacy of that argument and knows that the government can't run anything let alone something it shouldn't be running in the first place.

In my oh so humble opinion the only thing the government can do effectively is wage war and that's about it, but this is not a bad thing. The problem comes from the government constantly sticking its nose in our affairs and it has to stop.

The President says that all he wants is a level playing field when it comes to insurance and coverage, but who in their right mind believes that competition with the federal government is anything close to fair?

Why don't we ask Canada and England how government run healthcare is working out for them, because last I checked people in both those countries routinely come to America to receive healthcare that they would have to wait years to receive if they did not have the ability to come here.

Once our government is paying for our healthcare I truely believe it will be the foot in the door for them to start telling us even more how to live and what we can do. They will say that since they are paying for our healthcare they have the right to tell us if we can smoke, what kind of food to eat and the type of activities that we can participate in.

I do not want some state or federal government paper pusher to be able to decide what kind of treatment I or any member of my family should receive, its none of their damn concern in the first place, its mine and only mine.

Its time we stand up and voice or opinions and let those "leaders" in Washington know that we don't want this and we don't want more government and wasteful government spending!

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