Friday, June 26, 2009

The Iran question

After 9/11 former president Bush famously labeled Iran as a member of the "axis of evil" to much outcry from the hysterical left in this country. They said they he was being confrontational, said he was trying to create a new empire. 8 years later we now see how right he was and we also see what a foreign policy weakling our current president is by his ineptness regarding the current upheaval on the streets of Tehran.

He refers to what's going on as a "serious problem". Now its true that I am just a simple commoner compared to or glorious leader, but even I somehow know that a government killing its citizens on the streets of its capital is just a little more than a serious problem.

Since our president has decided not to stand up for freedom or support the people dying on the streets of Tehran, it falls to us. We have a responsibility and a duty to stand with any people fighting for the cause of freedom from the forces of tyranny and tyrants, such as the current "president" of Iran.

We defeated such tyranny and created this great country and it would be more than irresponsible not to stand with people who are trying to achieve freedom. Is this not what we wanted when we established free countries in Iraq and Afghanistan, countries that border Iran.

Our president has been nothing but weak since he has taken office and the world sees this, which is why Iran, North Korea and others are testing him. They know that this man does not have the testicilar fortitude to deal with the worlds issues and that this man will do all he can to appease our enemies, including Iran.

The crackdown on the streets of Tehran is nothing more than simple murder and our leaders need to do more to act against this vicious and brutal regime before more innocent people die trying to obtain freedom.

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