Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our great leader

If there was any doubt, no I did not vote for the Obama/Biden ticket and looking back its definitely one of the smartest things I have ever done. Now let me also state that I did not vote for McCain, I voted for Sarah Palin, John McCain just happened to be on the same ticket.

This won't be politically correct but, the only reason he was elected is because he is black. He never accomplished anything to prove that he could lead this country. He was in the Senate for a whopping year before he began his run for president.

He had the ability to use a teleprompter, that's about it. He is a smooth talker, nothing more, nothing less and its a shame that in a time of actually need in this country, that our president is more interested in appeasing his special interests groups than actually help real Americans.

He has lied constantly since he has taken office and shows no inclination towards telling the truth to the American people to whom he serves.

He does not believe in Americas inherit greatness and continually apologizes for our actions when over seas. He appeases our enemies when he should be strong and puts Americans at risk with his outrageous policies.

If we don't want our country to be destroyed than we must defeat this president and the policies that he tries to enact. We cannot allow him to be reelected in 2012, we must follow the example of the phoenix and rise from the ashes that will be Obamas America and defeat him and all who think like him.

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