Monday, July 6, 2009

American Principals

As I look back at this 4th of July weekend it somewhat amazes me that while millions celebrated our freedom, only few actually realize that our freedoms are being taken away systematically by a bloated and intrusive federal government.

No American alive today has more freedom than the previous generations, we have much less, a sad statement of fact if ever there was one.

The federal government is constantly passing new laws designed to exert more control of the American population.

It is not the job of the government to tell Americans how to live, what to eat, or how to raise their kids. I believe in personal responsibility. My children are my responsibility not the governments.

I want to drive the type of car or SUV that I choose, not the kind that the government wants.

My third child is due in a couple of weeks, how would Mr. Obama suggest I get around with my wife, three kids and strollers in a smart car?

What I and millions of Americans want is to be left alone and we sure as hell don't want our money being doled out to special interest groups that sure as hell don't represent the people.

We should throw every elected official out on their butts if we have to.

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