Thursday, July 30, 2009

Government suspends 'cash for clunkers' program

The Obama administration can't even handle this program, how and the hell are we suppose to believe they can handle the massive overhaul they are planning with healthcare reform?

Just another example of the ineptitude of this totally inexperienced community organizer disguised as our president.

Its like living in another world. The stupidity of left is astronomical, the trashing of perfectly good cars and trucks means that those used vehicles will not be for sale to those who can't afford to buy a brand new car.

Not to mention that the taxpayers are footing the bill for the subsidies to buy these dumb "green" cars.

I believe that the Democrats always say they are for the little guy but yet they are spending their money and taking away peoples options to buy used vehicles, that's really got to help the poor.

Once again another blunder by Obama, stay tuned he's bound to screw up again shortly.

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