Saturday, July 18, 2009

Iranian nuclear arms should worry us all

Iran, one of the countries listed in President Bush's now famous "Axis of Evil" has repeatedly called for the destruction of our country and that of our great ally Israel.

They have killed our servicemen and women in Iraq by providing the equipment and training needed to make deadly and massive IED's and besides Iraq is waging two proxy wars with Hezbollah and Hamas against Israel.

We should take these radicals at their word and act before they do, or in the words of former Navy Seal and author of the "Rogue Warrior" series, Richard Marcinko, "You fuck the mother fuckers before they fuck you!".

Allowing these maniacal head cases to possess a nuclear weapon is beyond suicidal and cannot be allowed to happen, not just for or safety but the worlds.

We cannot allow Iran to hold its neighbors hostage while it continues to suppress their own people.

While I wish for the Iranian peoples freedom, what I hold most dear is the safety of this country and my family and if it takes bombing Iran into the stone age once again to make that happen so be it.

If the Iranian people want to ensure that they never have to deal with the greatest military in the history of the world, than they should change the government they now have, simple as that.


Anonymous said...

why is israel such a great ally? what have they done for you except make you unpopular in the middle east and put your country in danger.


Terrance said...

Any country that stands for freedom I am proud to call an ally and have no problem taking on the responsibilities that come along with that.