Friday, July 31, 2009

The myth of global warming

Would any liberal like to tell me when we started keeping track of temps across the country?

Also for you smart libs, would you please tell me when the last mini ice age was?

One of these came after the other, can you guess which one?

Those who believe in the fallacy of global warming try and blame every weather condition on global warming, that way they are always correct.

They tried to blame hurricane Katrina and its aftermath on global warming instead of blaming the idiots who lived below sea level in the first place.

Stupidity kills and anyone who lived there and still lives there is a moron on an untold scale.

If you liberals want to live according to what Sierra Club says is acceptable that's fine, but I refuse to do so.

This is a free country and I will drive a gas guzzler if I want, I will use as much energy as I want, I will eat what I want, I will smoke if I want and I will raise my children as I see fit.

We are suppose to believe Al Gore and his junk science and just turn over all control to them, but don't forget he invented the internet remember.

Global warming is nothing more than a cover for a political agenda and a way to control people and there actions.
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