Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not Just The Blacks

The last few days have seen a dramatic increase about the discussion of race relations in this country and specifically those of black and white.

Slavery was ended with the civil war and since that time white people have been made to feel guilty even to this day.

Most Americans don't care what color you are and judge not on race, but on conduct and character.

It has been my personal experience that the racism in this country is a reverse racism of whites. Many black people think every white person is racist and that somehow the "white man" is keeping them down.

No one is keeping anyone down and to think otherwise is just pure lunacy.

I also will not use the word African-American because as far as I am concerned we are all Americans first, the day I'm called an Irish-American we can maybe talk.

Many other races were subjugated and oppressed in this country in our past, including the Jews, the Italians, the Chinese and the Irish just to name a few.

I don't see these groups playing the victim/race card every chance they get.

It should be all one people, Americans, the left in this country has ensured that we put each other into groups and label us, it is time to break from that and demand more.

Obama has a great opportunity to do much in the regards of race relations, but he continues to use the race card and destroy whatever credibility he ever had.

I just want people to stop making everything about race.

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