Friday, July 10, 2009

President Obama - Not The Messiah After All

Looks like there is a reality check coming for the Obama administration and particular the president himself.

He received quite the frosty reception in Russia and did not garner the crowds or the press adulation that he is so used to.

Here at home president Obamas policies seem to be catching up with him and are reflected in the latest poll numbers, which while still favorable are clearly on the decline.

It also seems that his popularity does not translate into action on his global initiative to combat "global warming" and reduce greenhouse gases. China and India, two of the worlds biggest polluters, have declined to sign on to Obamas volunteer desolation and low growth policies.

His honeymoon is over and he is having a much harder time presenting himself as anything other than a liberal socialist.

He has already doubled down on our future with the massive stimulus bill, which has been a total disgrace, and now the American people are getting wise to what he is actually doing and the amount of promises he has broken already.

Its nice to see that the American people arnt as stupid as I thought them to be and that they are starting to see Obama for who he truly is.

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