Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A way forward for republicans

George W Bush is no longer running things and yet the Democrats still make it a habit of blaming everything evil in the world on him.

He is not President anymore!

Rush, while a top figure, is not the leader of the Republican either, there is no leader and for the moment that's ok.

Until someone stands up and voices a rallying cry for conservatives to get behind we will have no leader.

The only person on the national stage who is saying anything is Sarah Palin, but with her political future shrouded in secrecy the future is quite unknown for her many ardent supporters.

Bobby Jindal is another interesting person, but he really hasn't made much headway on the national stage.

The governor of this state, Tim Pawlenty, is a all around good guy and good on most conservative issues, but when speaking is as entertaining as watching paint dry.

Mitt Romney is another nice guy and someone who I believe had a much better shot at beating Obama than did McCain, but unfortunately he did not win the nomination.

John McCain is a moderate Republican and never had the support of the base until he made the wise choice of selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him?


Tom said...

Selecting Palin was a "wise choice"?


Did you see the results of the election Terry?


Terrance said...

Yes I did and I saw that no one supported McCain, including myself until he picked Palin. If he didn't pick her he would have lost by even more.
McCain was a joke and I never thought he would win anything.

Tom said...

No one supported McCain?

Glad to know McCain is a "joke" though. His seat in the senate is ripe for the picking.

That's assuming he doesn't just resign, after showing such a horrid lack of judgement for picking a complete intellectual light weight for such an important job.

I really think Palin's appeal to hard core white conservative guys was her looks.

Terrance said...

Oh and Joe Biden is an intellectual genius that we can all learn from haha. And yes she is attractive, but so what, she was a real American something lacking in Washington.

Lynne said...

I know plenty of people who didn't vote for him BECAUSE of her. Her and her condescending, snarky, dipsh*t attitude (which hasn't changed one bit BTW).

Terrance said...

I know plenty of people who say that to, but they were never going to vote for him anyways.
Smash up job that Obama is doing so far, highest unemployment in 26 years, real nice!