Monday, August 31, 2009

FCC Diversity Chief: GOP Hurts Civil Rights

"Mark Lloyd, chief diversity officer at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), still believes what he wrote years ago: "Communications policy is of central importance to all Americans … it touches on our fundamental rights … communications policy is a civil rights issue."

Lloyd claimed in a remarkable 1998 essay that communications policies enacted by Republicans negatively impacted the civil rights of minorities -- further arguing that two decades of Republican communications policies had compromised the gains made by the civil rights movement in minority ownership in communications, according to a report by

If there was failure, he surmised, it wasn't because the FCC didn't recognized that civil rights and communications policy were linked and that minority ownership of radio and television stations was deemed essential to correct the lack of diversity in media.

"In the late seventies, in recognition of the lack of progress made with these [equal opportunity] employment policies, the FCC ruled that minority ownership was essential to create a diverse range of messages over the public's airwaves," Lloyd wrote."


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