Saturday, August 8, 2009

Town Halls Go Against The Democrats

Anyone paying attention at all in recent days has seen the videos of town hall meetings across the country where Democrats are out trying to sell Obamacare.

These meetings haven't been going particularly good for the Democrats as ordinary men and women are standing up and telling these empty suits that they want nothing to do with what Obama is selling.

This is not an isolated event, but rather taking place all over the country and the Democrats are running scared.

The only thing conservatives are doing is what the left has been doing for years and that is be vocal and organize.

Code Pink, Acorn, are just a few of the entities that have been more than disrupting over the years and have organized protest after protest, but yet the media and Democrats said nothing.

The communities are organizing against the community organizer and he can't handle it so now they started to pack them with union goons the intimidate and in some cases already physical attack people who disagree with the Democrat leadership.

The latest is a post on the white house website asking that people turn in their neighbors or anyone who has "fishy" information about Obamacare to the white house itself.

An enemies list, if George Bush had done this the New York Times and every other lefty news organization would be plastering it front page.

It is clear that Obama cannot keep his party in check and for some reason thinks is wise to keep lying to the American people.
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