Saturday, August 15, 2009

White House Email List?

So apparently the Obama white house has sent many unsolicited emails and the recipients of these emails are wondering how their email addresses became known to the white house.

Fox News reporter Major Garrett brought the issue up to bumbling idiot, Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, this moron didn't answer the question and avoided it like he does just about every question.

Its more than just alittle illegal for the White House to be compiling a list as such, but than again this administration hasn't really seen a problem with breaking laws before.

Obama promised a transparent government and change, but this administration has been anything but transparent.

The media doesn't help much to keep him honest because they are to busy trying to promote his agenda, they are nothing but an arm of the Democratic party, Fox news is the exception and is far more balanced than anyone else.

There is a reason Fox news is number one in every time slot and there is a reason conservative talk radio is so big, its because you can hear all that negative liberal slanted crap everywhere and people want something different.

I can't wait for 2010.

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