Friday, September 18, 2009

Glenn Beck Slams Time Magazine

"Is the new issue of Time magazine another mainstream media hit job on Fox News host Glenn Beck?

The magazine's latest cover features Beck, whose TV show has been breaking records by attracting up to 3 million viewers a night, along with the headline: "Mad Man: Glenn Beck and the angry style of American politics.

"On his nationally syndicated radio program Thursday, Beck addressed the new Time cover story, calling it "fair." But he added, "they talk about how I'm just, I'm fearful of everything and I'm just, I'm creating all of these fears and these worries, and I also, I'm almost conspiratorial in nature.

"In the same program, Beck praised Newsmax magazine for its October edition, which also features the Fox News star on its cover."

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Matt said...

Even when the lefty media tries to fake being balanced, we can see through it.