Thursday, September 10, 2009

GOP Complains Obama Still Stuck on Bad Plan

"President Barack Obama's Republican adversaries remain ready to rumble in the aftermath of his impassioned push to reform America's health care system.

There were the requisite calls for bipartisanship _ public opinion polls show that voters by overwhelming margins want Republicans and Democrats to work in tandem. "House Republicans ... are ready, willing, and able to work with the Democrat majority to solve our health care challenges in a bipartisan manner," Rep. Mike Pence said in a news release.

But above the remark blared the headline: "One More Speech about the Same Bad Plan." Both Obama and the Republican chosen to give his party's televised response to the speech noted that there is room for agreement on elements of a plan.

"We can do better, with a targeted approach that tackles the biggest problems," said Louisiana Rep. Charles Boustany Jr., a former heart surgeon."

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