Thursday, September 10, 2009

Karl Rove: Obama Speech 'Bitter and Partisan'

"Former presidential adviser Karl Rove said President Barack Obama's address to Congress Wednesday night was 'gratuitously bitter and partisan,' and that Obama's biggest problem with his proposed plan for healthcare reform was its glaring misstatements and distortions.

Calling it 'not an exceptionally good speech,' Rove told Fox News Wednesday there were several things within Obama's plan that Republican opponents can pick from.

'He's not shooting straight with us,' Rove said about the section of Obama's speech in which he talked about the 'so-called lies and statements' about his proposal.

'Obama said people are concerned with setting up death panels to kill off senior citizens, but that's not what they're concerned about,' Rove told Fox News.

'They're concerned about the proposal that basically says we're going to incentivize doctors to sit down with [a patient] and go over end-of-life decisions.'"

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