Tuesday, September 29, 2009

List Shows 75 Gitmo Prisoners Cleared for Release

"At least 75 Guantanamo detainees have been cleared for release by a task force sorting through the remaining prisoners as part of the Obama administration's effort to shutter the jail, according to a list released Monday by the U.S. military.

Navy Lt. Cmdr. Brook DeWalt, a spokesman for the prison that now holds about 223 men, said the list written in Arabic, Pashto and English was posted in common areas throughout the isolated detention camps. It was not dated, but DeWalt said the list was posted in early September.

The list did not specifically identify the detainees who could be transferred, instead breaking down the 78 approvals by nationalities. It included two freed Uzbeks who arrived Sunday in Ireland for resettlement and a Yemeni who was returned to his homeland after being imprisoned at Guantanamo for seven years.

DeWalt said the list was a new initiative by Rear Adm. Thomas H. Copeman III, commander of the Joint Task Force that runs the remote prison at the U.S. Navy base at the southern end of Cuba, to communicate directly to the captives and deter rumors about looming transfers that have circulated through the camps."

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