Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obamas Healthcare Rhetoric Is Just That Rhetoric

Last night I heard the President speak about putting differences aside and coming up with a bipartisan approach to achieve healthcare reform.

Well that sounds good and all, but where is the proof that Obama, Pelosi and Reid can work in such a manner, because I sure haven't seen it.

I personally have a hard time believing most of what President Obama says and that is simply because I know his past and his record and the people he surrounds himself with.

Since when is health insurance a right? I'm fairly sure the General Welfare Clause in the Constitution does not cover health insurance and anyone who says it does is just simply lying or is just unable to read because of sheer stupidity.

So far he has shown no ability to control Pelosi or Reid and other radical members of his party and he seems afraid to draw the ire of the far left.

I think we all can agree that reform is necessary and needed, but we must disagree as to the means.

No more governmental control over healthcare than we already have and until they fix the massive problems that face Medicare and Social Security.

Democrats must break with the lawyers and allow tort reform to actually take hold and help lower costs for everyone.

Last night the President offered to end bipartisanship with one hand and with the other slapped any offers he might have received with his subtle attacks against his opponents and detractors.

With Joe Wilson's outburst last night, he effectively changed the discussion from healthcare to himself and in doing so has helped to blur the messege the President was trying to sell to the American people.

We must stand firm and say we do not want government run healthcare, we want real reform, not rhetoric.

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