Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poll: Support for Obamacare at New Low

"Rasmussen's nationwide telephone survey also found that 56 percent of voters are now opposed to the plan.

Just 33 percent of senior citizens favor the plan, while 59 percent are opposed.

Other findings of the poll:

46 percent of respondents believe the reform plan will likely pass and become law this year, but 47 percent think it will likely not pass, including 15 percent who say it is not at all likely to pass.

While 23 percent of voters "strongly favor" the legislative effort to reform healthcare, 43 percent are "strongly opposed."

24 percent of respondents say the quality of healthcare will improve if the plan passes, and 55 percent say it will get worse.

54 percent say passage of the plan will increase the cost of healthcare, and 23 percent say it will lower the cost.

The overwhelming majority of voters — 78 percent — believe that every American should be able to buy the same health insurance plan that Congress has.

53 percent think tort reform will significantly lower the cost of healthcare.

48 percent of respondents want a prohibition on abortion in any government subsidized program, and 13 percent want a mandate requiring abortion coverage."

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