Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rohrabacher: Obama Health Plan Rewards Illegals

"Congressman Dana Rohrabacher , R-Calif., told Newsmax that the great headline-grabbing healthcare debate should not blind Americans to the dramatic impact ill-conceived immigration reform will have on the availability of health insurance.

Newsmax caught up with the lawmaker at the recent Federation for Immigration Reform's (FAIR) "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" gathering at the Phoenix Park Hotel.

"I'm hoping that what's going on here will finally open people's eyes that illegal immigration is part of the debate on healthcare," Rohrabacher said. "Part of the reason why a lot of Americans don't have health insurance is because illegals have flooded into jobs and are willing to work for companies that pay more wages and offer no benefits."

"Without that [influx of illegals], companies would be asking for labor and be willing to offer them benefits like healthcare insurance," he added.

Rohrabacher had come to the FAIR gathering to lend his support to that organization's President, Dan Stein, who was busy himself sounding the clarion call about allowing the Obama administration to push through any reform that features amnesty.

"As we gather here in the nation's capital, another illegal alien amnesty bill has been introduced in the Senate," Stein warned. "Like its predecessor, this bill rewards millions of people who broke our laws with the gift of American citizenship…"

For his part, Rohrabacher described a vicious and insidious process at foot in the country involving not only the growing number of companies that don't offer health insurance, but a general "lowering of the wage level so that our own people can't afford healthcare when they could otherwise."

"You know, when I was scooping ice cream at Marineland's snack bar in high school and college, guess what, my employer provided healthcare -- a healthcare policy if you could imagine that," he added. "If you go into all of these places right now, they don't give you healthcare packages, and very few of the people in there speak fluent English as well."

Rohrabacher had a bone to pick with elected officials, who seem to have lost sight of just who they represent.

"We end up taking care of and being more concerned about people who have come here illegally from other countries than we do about our own people, and that's what it comes down to," he said. "Elected officials who are elected to represent the people of the United States are more concerned about the people of other countries, especially those who have come here illegally, than they are about the well being of our own people. It's a disgrace. It's a betrayal of our people.""

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