Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Obama Hypocrisy

Like many Americas I'm still waiting for the "change" that President Obama promised during the campaign trail and have yet to see an example of it anywhere, positively that is.

Of course there is the change of the government in control of the banking and auto industry.

And contrary to what he said on the campaign trail, one of his first acts as President was to raise my taxes and everyone else who smokes.

I seem to remember something about a promise Obama made that if you made under 250,000 you would not see your taxes increase one cent, just more hypocrisy from a President who smokes.

Obama promised bipartisanship and that he would reach across the isle to work with Republicans and solve the issues that face Americans today, but has been nothing but partisan and has blamed all his shortcomings on his predecessor.

At every opportunity he has apologized for Americas past actions and for our greatness and cannot grasp the concept of American exceptionalism.

He said he was above race, but at every corner he has played the race card to the point that any and all opposition to Obama is decried as racist by left.

Now he has gone after Fox News for doing its job and actually reporting what Obama is trying to do to this country and about the radicals he has surrounded himself with.

You are who you hang out with. Maybe that's guilt by association, but say if I was to hang out with the kkk wouldn't I be considered racist?

The same works for lefty radicals who wish to undermine our country and turn us into a socialist state and therefore control as many people as possible.

Its time for the President to put up or shut up, his rhetoric will no longer be sufficient to placate the American people, we demand more!
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