Friday, October 23, 2009

The Obama Nation Revised

Just a few things I missed last time.

In the Obama nation you will be told how much you can and will pay your employees.

You will take a pay cut if the Obama administration feels you are making to much money.

You will continue to pay more and more for schools without seeing results or even a significant bang for your buck.

You will not listen to Fox news or talk radio and instead are only allowed to watch Obama approved media outlets.

You will hand in all handguns, rifles and shotguns because as a crazy rightwinger you are to stupid and irresponsible to own them and are a danger to society.

You will accept amnesty for all illegal aliens and if you don't you will be labeled a racist.

You will allow the liberal indoctrination of your children at public schools and colleges across the country.

You will teach your children that its normal for a child to have two parents of the same sex.

You will give your children awards for no actual accomplishments but just for participation.

You will accept international law and disregard our constitution.

You will hang a picture of Obama in every room and refer to him as 'our glorious leader'.

You will snitch on your neighbors or on anyone else who demeans our disparages 'our glorious leader' and his abundant wisdom and clarity.
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