Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama's Arrogance Will Be Dems Downfall

I have never seen this before.

I imagine most of you have not seen this level of arrogance either, a president utterly out of touch with reality and totally believing the myth that is Barack Obama.

The state run media, besides Fox News, is totally in the tank for Obama and does all they can to mold the news in his favor, hell NBC even sells Obama merchandise.

How he could accept the Nobel Peace Prize is beyond me, what exactly did he do in the less than 2 weeks in office to warrant such an honor?

Don't forget that he was nominated for the award nine or ten days after being sworn into office, so I ask again, what exactly did he do to warrant such an award?

We are constantly being told by the left that if you disagree with Obama on healthcare or anything else its because he is black and that you are just a racist.

You may call me whatever you like but wrong is wrong no matter your race.

Does that mean that anyone who disagrees with me is racist and hates all Irish people, hardly but than again according to the left only conservatives can be racist.

It is the left that puts labels on everyone and tries to put them into a specific group and than pits those groups against one another for their own political gain.

The American people are seeing what the Democrats in power are doing and they are not pleased.

The next election will be a fun thing to watch as the gop will make great gains and we will watch the unraveling of the Democrat party with uncontrollable glee.

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nacilbupera said...

Nice summary; we agree 100%

How come we seem to only hear about racism applied to the right wing and not the left?

Are not the Black Panthers just as racist as the KKK? Is not an edict to exterminate white people from the planet the grossest form of verbal racism available?