Thursday, October 22, 2009

The War On Fox News

Attack a major news outlet? Than double down on that policy? Bad idea right?

Well the Obama administration doesn't seem to think so, they think its a winning policy and has actively been attacking Fox News over the past few weeks.

Top Obama officials have been making the rounds trying to disparage the network while on other channels.

I personally watch Fox because I can't stand watching the other networks because they are so in the tank for Obama and the democrats its ridiculous and unbearable to watch.

Fox has the most politically diverse guests and commentators, with the other networks its so one sided that you want to put your head threw the tv.

I like to hear both sides and than make my own decision, I like most Americans actually have a brain which functions and which allows me to think without being told what to think by morons like Chris Matthews.

There is a reason that Fox News is number one every night and that its ratings are growing even more since the start of Obamas attacks.

Keep it up Obama even the liberal media says its a bad idea and only bound to hurt him politically, but yet he persists.

I plan on sitting back watching and laughing along the way.

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Matt said...

I spent some time with my family a couple of weeks ago, when Hannity was breaking the Kevin Jennings story. I got them to stop watching what ever they were doing to watch Hannity.

Their jaws dropped. They had several questions regarding why they hadn't heard of that story before. It was teachable moment!