Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Example

Its been shown to us repeatedly, that this administration does not care about the truth, it only cares about pushing its agenda down our throats.

It is not even close to post racial as they try and claim, very evident by Obama own words. If you need evidence of that just look what he said about his own grandmother or the events leading up to last years "beer summit".

I personally don't care what color he is, just as long as he improves this country and that's something he is not doing.

Obama and his administration have done nothing but sow the seeds of division between the people of this country in the hopes of advancing their agenda.

His biggest promise during his campaign was that if you make less than 250,000 dollars a year you will not see a tax increase and what was his the first bill he signed? A tax increase on all smokers, most of whom make far less than 250,000, to pay for the Schip program.

I just want him to tell us the truth, something he is not doing and has not done ever and it will be quite foreign to him and his administration, but for the good of the country he must and than follow through on it.
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