Thursday, July 2, 2009

Democrats stance on Iraq changes once again

We can't win in Iraq, Iraq is just another vietnam, our troops are dumb murderers, we should divide the country into three, Iraq is a quagmire from which we should "redeploy".

Any of that sound familiar? Well it should because that's what the leaders in the democratic party were saying about two years ago and that includes our glorious new leader, President Barack Hussein Obama.

Regarding the troop withdrawal in Iraq he stated that those who tried to drag Iraq into civil war and anarchy "were on the wrong side of history". That's funny because until very recently he was on that side as well.

Every top democrat said that we had lost and that we needed to leave. Thank god George Bush had the will to keep our troops there and common sense to listen to his commanders on the ground instead of politicians who have no idea what's really happening on the ground.

Obama had nothing to do with the success in Iraq and to try and take any credit for it shows us once again that he is not a man of honor or integrity.


Tom said...

OMG it lives!!

So.. where ya been?

Terrance said...

Oh you know having a life.
How's that Obama vote working out for ya?