Wednesday, July 15, 2009

McCains loss not Palins fault

Before the selection of Sarah Palin I had planned on voting for John McCain for the sole reason that he was not Barack Obama.

This is a reason many used in their rationale for voting for a man who is not a conservative, who at very best was and is a moderate Republican and at worst a useful idiot, just like his daughter.

McCain did not have the support of the conservative base until the selection of Sarah Palin and he will never have it, especially after the way he and those on his staff trashed her after the election.

I like millions of Americans voted for Sarah Palin, John McCain just happened to be on the ticket.

She electrified the base and the campaign and drew far larger crowds than John McCain and I know that if he picked someone like Tim Pawlenty, liked was suggested, that he would have been beat by even a larger margin.

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Tom said...

You really have no idea how fringe you are, do you?

Still hoping all your candidate wishes come true..