Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obama Throws Like A Girl!

He even got booed! haha


Tom said...

Are you on crack?

That's an awful lot of cheering, and the pitch wasn't bad either.. on target.

And if you stepped onto the basketball court with him, he'd dominate you..

Not bad for a 40 something year old guy.

Terrance said...

I played baseball for 10 years and can tell you he throws like a girl.
Go look at Bush in 01 throwing out first pitch and he was wearing a bulletproof vest.
My sister could make it if the catcher was sitting over the plate like he was for Obama

Tom said...

At least your actually posting the video this time..

And yes.. we know.. being able to throw a baseball like a man is a very manly thing.. and being able to do that manly thing makes one more manly.. and being manly is a very important part of being the most powerful man on the planet.

Terrance said...

Well I wouldn't expect you to know what it is to be a man