Sunday, July 5, 2009

My liberal friend

One of my good friends happens to be a kool aid drinker of Obamas and seems to think that deficit spending under Obama is ok but they spending under Bush and Reagan destroyed our country.

It quite hard to have a rational conversation with him because with all liberals, after they can't counter your points and facts they invariably attack you personally and try and insult your intelligence.

I can give facts all I want, but when they think that all republicans are racist and are rich you can't really get that far.

I feel for my friend because he has been brainwashed to think the democrats are actually for the little guy, never mind the fact that top democrats are filthy rich, more so than their republican counterparts.

I'm dumbfounded as to how someone could be so in the tank for a empty suit such as Obama.
Its good news for us of course, it means that republicans will be in power that much sooner after viewing what unchecked liberalism can do.

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