Sunday, July 5, 2009

The New Deal

All of these democrats love to talk about how great FDR was, but it was his "new deal" that has helped destroy this country.

A study by UCLA economists shows how his policies and actions actually prolonged the depression by seven years, never mind we are paying through the roof for his social programs such as social security that are going bankrupt.

When he could not enact his legislation because the supreme court kept ruling that he was violating the constitution. So what's he do? He stacks the court full of people who are nothing more than "yes men".

To those that think his tinkering with our country actually got us out of the depression let me ask you this? What was unemployment at before the start of the war?

It was the war and only the war that got us out. It was by the Lend-Lease act which enabled us to actually build things other countries needed.

Massive government spending with very little oversight will never help. You can't spend your way out of debt and that's a fact.

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