Thursday, July 2, 2009

Obama's Economy

I'm sure glad we spent all that money with the stimulus bill to stop job losses and help this economy. Wait since obama passed the bill unemployment has gone up and things have not gotten any better.

Good job sir, I didn't not know you could spend your way out of debt. He has done nothing but further destroy our great economy and hire tax cheats to run the IRS.


Tom said...

Hire tax cheats to run the IRS? You have evidence backing up that claim, I assume?

Tell me.. do you know how this country came out of the Great Depression?

Just curious if you know anything at all about economic history.

Terrance said...

I don't need proof turbotax Tim provided all the evidence I need. Yes in fact I do, it was called WWII. It sure as heal wasn't the "the new deal".

Tom said...

Ah.. partly correct. The New Deal immediately reversed trends in GDP and unemployment, however FDR caved and tried to "balance the budget", which rippled through the economy and reversed the upwards gains seen from the New Deal.

However.. you are right.. WWII was a major economic boon to the nation. It was the largest public works project in the history of the world.

It was.. massive Federal spending.

I can provide you links to the exact data on unemployment and GDP by year during the Great Depression if you'd like to see how the New Deal effected it.

I suspect you'd think it was all just a Liberal lie.

Spending money on public works = bad and non-stimulative. Spending money on wars = good and stimulative.. right?