Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Palin Effect

There has been much speculation and debate as to the future of Sarah Palin or if she even has a future anymore.

When she was announced as the vice presidential candidate I was actually surprised because there had been talk that my own governor, Tim Pawlenty, was a top pick and many in media had no idea.

She has proven to be most effective and wildly popular with people who believe that those in Washington are elitist and have nothing in common with the everyday American.

There are many in the state run media that believe Sarah Palins move to resign is nothing more than political suicide and any chance she had in 2012 is now gone, I disagree.

She already has the base of the republican party and we will continue to support her in anything she does that moves forward a conservative agenda of lower taxes, energy independence, strong national security and less government.

I do agree that she does need some more experience, although she did have more than our current president and we see how his inexperience is hurting is.

It is my hope that she either runs for the open senate seat in a year or does tv, something such as msnbc, which would be huge ratings for them and more good than her being on fox and preaching to the choir.

There are those that say she is a quitter, I again disagree, she is doing what's best for her state. How can someone run a state effectively when they are constantly having to defend themselves from unwarranted ethics complaints, all of which have been shown to be false?

She now has a legal bill of over 500,000 dollars, now for someone who preaches that family comes first it only makes sense that she would do what is in their best interests and I will not fault her for that.

She will continue to have my full support and I look forward to finding out what she will do next.

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Tom said...

I'm really bummed she resigned. I was totally hoping for a Palin/Sandford ticket in 2012. That would have been awesome..