Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Greenpeace Activists Arrested After Draping Banner on Mount Rushmore -


Its nice to know that those who believe the false truth about global warming are now defacing a national monument.

We need to sue greenpeace into oblivion, there is a difference between a political activist and a criminal and greenpeace is full of outright criminals and they need to be stopped.


Tom said...

It's not like the stole something..

Terrance said...

No they just defaced a national monument

Tom said...

With a sheet.. ya.. and if it's illegal, then prosecute.

What are you going to "sue" them for?

Terrance said...

If its illegal? I know your smarter than that.
Greenpeace is nothing more than a criminal organization.

Tom said...

Know what they were arrested for?

Trespassing and illegal climbing.

What they did with their banner was not illegal.. where and how they did it was.

So.. what are you going to "sue" them for then?

Terrance said...

Under RICO of course.