Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stimulus 2?

Over the weekend the walking gaffe machine, VP Joe Biden, stated that the Obama administration under estimated the problems facing the economy.

These are the same people who said that if we passed the stimulus bill we wouldn't see unemployment rise above 8.5% and if I'm not mistaken unemployment is now at 9.5%, good job guys!

You will remember that Obama stated that we had to pass this bill immediately and if we didn't we would never recover, than waited a few days to sign the bill, had to get that haircut ya know.
Don't forget it was Rom Emanual who said " never let a good crisis go to waste", this is who Obama chooses to be his chief of staff, that should make us all proud.

Obamas massive stimulus has been a complete failure and has put my children in debt and now they want borrow more money just to waste it, sad day for us all.

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