Thursday, October 1, 2009

American Holocaust

Well apparently we all have been the victims of the American healthcare Holocaust, what's even better is the we did not know until this week.

Its more than obvious that the Democratic party has overwhelmingly gone off the deep end and that Obama can't even control his own party.

The dumbass congressman from Florida has shown us all why they should never be in charge of anything.

I and most of the country would rather see Washington do nothing regarding healthcare as opposed taking what the dnc is trying to shove down our throats.

Why won't congress abide but the rules the set for us? Why won't they allow themselves to have the same healthcare as they are trying to force us to accept.

Why won't they accept the responsibility and wisdom of the American people.

We don't want obamacare!
Are you in Washington that detached? That out of touch?

Hey Obama worry about jobs and our troops not the goddamn Olympics.

Obama has not done one thing to help this country in any significant way, in fact he has weakened this country.

Militarily, economically, foreign policy wise and in ever way that matters Obama has shown a weakness and a willingness to blame America and its people.

This must end now and the president must actually grow a pair of balls and be a fucking man!
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