Friday, October 2, 2009

Senate Approves Stopgap to Keep Federal Government Running

"Up against a midnight deadline to avoid a government shutdown, the Senate passed legislation Wednesday that temporarily would extend spending on most federal programs at current levels while raising Congress' budget by 6 percent.

The measure, approved by a 62-38 vote that sends it to President Obama's desk, would keep the government open for one more month. Obama is virtually certain to sign it before day's end.

The legislation also would patch over problems in the struggling postal service and pay for soon-to-expire highway programs for an additional month as well. The stopgap measure is needed because Congress has failed to complete work on the 11 remaining spending bills for agency budgets.

The community activist group ACORN was in line for another hit as Democrats added language saying the organization could not receive federal dollars under the stopgap measure or any prior legislation. ACORN has received federal funds for providing counseling to homeowners facing foreclosure and helping people eligible for food stamps apply for the program."

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