Monday, August 30, 2010

"Recovery Summer" Is A Joke

It was billed as "Recovery Summer" by the Obama administration, but by almost all accounts it has been an epic failure on all fronts.

We were promised that if we passed Obama's outrageously expensive stimulus bill that unemployment would not go above 8% and its been around 9.5% for how long now?

Even that number is a joke because they don't even count the people who stopped looking for work, the real number is upwards of 16%.

I see people working on the roads with fancy little signs letting everyone know that's its from Obama's stimulus fund.

This is utterly Infuriating because our state and local gas taxes, tabs and license taxs are what's suppose to be paying for such things.

If our glorious leader wants to right the economic ship than he needs to stop spending money we don't have, repeal Obamacare, lower taxes on all Americans, extend the Bush tax cuts, especially for dividends and capitol gains and stop bailing out companies that make poor choice and investments.

If he does not his reelection bid is as good as dead, if its not already.
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